Civic Action Ottawa for Housing Affordability and Choice

Ottawa cannot afford to have people who can’t afford Ottawa


Ottawa’s short supply of housing is driving prices up, and our young people out!

Since Ottawa’s urban boundary was frozen 5 years ago, land prices have tripled. Housing prices have skyrocketed 20-30%, and there is no inventory in sight.

The $350,000 home that was once affordable on Ottawa’s average salary of $110,000 is now priced out of reach in the $550,000 range. 

Town homes now average $450,000 and are soon to soar to similar pricing levels of Toronto and Vancouver. 

When our young people can’t afford to live in Ottawa, a whole lot goes with them.

Our kids are Ottawa’s next crucial workforce. But they are so much more than that. 

They are tomorrow’s digital innovators, entrepreneurs, future artists, creative thinkers, community leaders, neighbourhood volunteers –  they're our next generation of hockey coaches.

When they go, all that energy and potential goes elsewhere.

We all have a voice to change this.

For Ottawa to have a range of housing options at a range of prices over the next 25 years, we need to combine increased density in the city’s core with Ottawa’s first urban boundary extension in 5 years.

We desperately need those options. Our children will be house hunting alongside the 400,000 new people who will become Ottawa residents in the next 25 years. These newcomers alone will need 195,000 homes, of some kind, to live in. 

This is the housing market our children will be facing. Our plan better be realistic about how and where people want to live.

Planned expansion isn’t sprawl.

Ottawa lost nearly 2000 residents to surrounding municipalities between 2013 and 2017. As they drive back and forth to Ottawa to work every day the carbon footprint keeps climbing.

We can’t have young people fleeing the city in search of the housing they can afford. That is the definition of 'sprawl'. Ottawa needs a plan that creates smart, sustainable development of in-demand housing.


Ottawa is creating the most important Official Plan in our history.  Our young people should be able to afford to live in the Nation's Capital. Take a minute now and speak up.

It’s time to act. Planning policies that will hurt or help Ottawa’s future are being decided right now. On May 11, the Planning Committee is considering where new housing should go in the next Official Plan. Submit a letter, no matter how brief. You can also ask to share your views on video at this virtual Planning Committee meeting.  Act now so your point of view can be heard -- so housing in Ottawa stays affordable for all. 

Send a Letter to Mayor Jim Watson at, and to your Councillor to support housing affordability and choice:

Ottawa needs an Official Plan for Smart Growth of the Nation's Capital. Email your City Councillor!