Our Mandate

With Ottawa surpassing a population of one million people, the Capital 2020 Task Force brings the collective support of voluntary business and community leaders -- from east to west, north to south -- to foster 'smart growth' in our Nation’s Capital. 

The Capital 2020 Task Force supports smart, economic development and a robust environment for education, employment, and innovation in the Nation's Capital. 

We strive to promote a culture of invention, inclusion, and creativity to ensure that people of all ages, abilities, and vocation find a place they can work, live and play, four seasons of the year. 

The Capital 2020 Task Force has five priorities:

  • The revitalization of the upper Ottawa west side, including the LeBreton Flats, the Ottawa Library, the Innovation Centre and Bayview Yards; 
  • The redevelopment of the Byward Market;
  • The establishment of a link between Ottawa and Gatineau; 
  • The establishment of a federal employment node in Orleans;
  • The redevelopment of the Ottawa Civic Hospital.

And as of 2020, we have another priority: the development of a 'smart growth' Official Plan for the City of Ottawa.

The City of Ottawa’s Planning staff have a fantastic mission and responsibility right now. They are to create the new Official Plan, a master blueprint for the next 25 years, to guide smart growth of the National Capital Region that best utilizes our land, our environment, and our financial resources. 

We need to pay attention to this important task if we ever hope to manage housing affordability, availability and choice. Never has the future relied on opening our eyes to what Ottawa can become, our unique potential -- right here, now -- or we run the risk of never realizing it.

The City of Ottawa needs to create an Official Plan that guarantees housing affordability and choice.  Ottawa cannot afford to have people who can't afford Ottawa.